Tammey started sharing online over ten years ago through her Yahoo group, ScrapBookingClasses and her hobby blog, TammeysTidbits. Today she is an author, instructor, Live Coach, dreamer and creator! 

About Me

I’m an oldest, middle, youngest child! Which means I’m headstrong, a natural leader, and a little bossy (oldest child). I’m a little spoiled, adventurous and don’t like to follow the rules (youngest). And I struggle with feeling connected and seen, totally a middle child thing I think. Add it all up though, and I’m a driven, fun loving, go getter that loves to help others!

I got my first computer about 1992 from Sears. Oh, it was beautiful! Heavy. Bulky. Slow! And fantastic! I could type documents, create spreadsheets, play solitaire and doodle. Getting that computer, setting it up and then learning how to create and print what I wanted really ignited a fire in me! I graduated from the University of Montana a few years later with a computer degree and a love for technology.

I’d always loved being out with my camera. Being surround by nature gives me such freedom and fills me with awe! When kids came along my love for the camera got a little out of control! I was then introduced to scrapbooking. My passions collided into this amazing hobby that I could combine my love of photos, family, writing AND technology! I began to create titles and journals for my pages. Then one Christmas my husband surprised me with a little CraftRobo cutter. I still have it sitting on my shelf! I moved from that to the larger Cameo Silhouette so I could design my own, larger files. 

I create because it brings me great joy. I share because helping others sparks a desire in me to create more and I enjoy lifting others. I love to connect. I’m here creating because you’re here looking for creations! 

The way you get meaning into your life
is to devote yourself to loving others,
devote yourself to your community around you,
and devote yourself to creating something
that gives you purpose and meaning
– Mitch Albom

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